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Inspired by a fascination for flying and built from the fuselage of a real aircraft, The Galley is the Stäuble siblings’ answer to the streetfood revolution. For us, aviation and innovative cuisine are mutually exclusive, delighting with everything from the perfect burger and fries at a festival to a multi-course gala event.


The Beginning

It was 2013 when our chef Simon traveled across America on a three-month road trip. Feeling the need for a break from the daily restaurant grind, he embarked on a journey that was to spark the desire to create his own business, cook with heart and create with passion.

At that time, the street food revolution (so-called food trucks) in the States was in full swing. Standing at the corner of every street in the big cities were remarkable converted vans, their inhabitants cooking with fresh ingredients, churning out delightfully delicious dishes.

Fascinated by these traveling kitchens, Simon returned from his holidays, knowing that in a few years the Swiss would also be besieged by this healthy "fast food” trend, and eager to be at the helm.

He shared his impassioned ideas with his siblings, including even the import of an old US bus, though didn’t come across a feasible next step until 2015, when by a lucky coincidence, we came across a fuselage, and the awarding-winning team of aviation and cuisine was born.


Heart, commitment and passion. Excellent service, wonderful food, friendly "The Galley" staff with pilots and stewardesses, probably the coolest food truck ever, plane accessories such as trolley, seats, etc. round off the experience. We love “The Galley”!

/ Tocco AG Zurich 2017 /

The Plane

Everyone loved the idea of the Galley immediately and so we set the wheels in motion! Each of the team was working full time, but the fire had been sparked and we spent every free second in our "hangar" sanding, welding, sawing and polishing the hull for hours on end.

Countless working hours, sleepless nights and attention to detail have created this unique food truck or "food plane". In the past, flying over the clouds in 25'000ft, this former Airliner now flies on a bit lower altitude, equipped with everything that chef Simon needs to conjure up all the culinary delights on his plate. At the beginning of 2017 we reached our goal; The Galley was "ready for take-off".

Our staff are known for going the extra mile, and are admirably flexible, catering to the specific needs of any event.



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