the crew

Meet our acclaimed team

Simon Stäuble

Chef in Command

Sometimes with turbulence, sometimes with technical defects. Yes, life as a captain or, in our case, "Chef in command" is not always easy. However as a highly skilled chef, with experience in various sectors of the hospitality industry (such as a private jet cook), Simon masters all challenges with ease. The culinary creations are all his, and while he can’t currently be called a bonafide aviation worker, he travels the world again and again for new menu inspiration.

Super efficient, practical and calm under pressure, Simon is our master of operations. His background in gastronomy provides him unique industry insight and a diverse skill set.

076 526 12 70

Rahel Stäuble

Maitre de Cabin

Rahel has learned the culinary trade from scratch in several renowned Swiss restaurants in. Though in recent years she has been working for a well-known Swiss airline, as Senior cabin attendant. It is therefore only natural that she also occupies the post of Maitre de Cabin and cares for the well-being of our guests, as well as the operational planning of the crews.

She has acquired a wealth of knowledge in planning and management and is an unfailingly positive and lively person. Rahel likes a fast pace and brings her practical thinking, high drive and calming attitude to the fold.

Jonas Stäuble

First Officer

As a "First Officer" Jonas, works wherever he is needed. But most of all he likes to stand at the bar and pour beer. Formerly employed as an aircraft mechanic, now working in a well-known airline training centre, he brings with him the skills and creativity for building catering equipment from any old aircraft parts you could think of. Thanks to his private passion for cooking, he also actively supports the kitchen.

Jonas has a keen eye for design and his mind is a melting pot for food and culture; he is energetic, curious and infectiously inventive. All of this is visible in his approach to each event, delivering unforgettable service every time.

079 264 06 37


We’re a great team, there’s something about growing up together that builds a seamless working relationship. And when it doesn’t; well, after a good meal you can forgive everyone, even your own siblings.

/ Simon Staüble 2017 /
Deborah Kunz

Crew Member

As a former flight attendant, she has actively supported us since the beginning, bringing just as much passion to the team as the founders.
Anja Bühler

Crew Member

Like almost all our employees, Anja also comes from the gastronomy industry. With her efficient and professional service qualities, she ensures our guests are comfortable and well looked after.
Daniel Pfeuti

Crew Member

Thanks to his work in some of the most diverse kitchens in the world, Daniel brings with him a great deal of technical knowledge and experience. His love of food and cooking is clearly reflected in his dishes.
Rafael Mächler

Crew Member

A recently minted Chef, Raffael is our newest addition to the Galley family, where his skills have already been affirmed time and time again.
Otillie Sigrist

Crew Member

Always a great support if needed from our Australian “gastronomy-talent”. Otillie runs her own successful catering business (, and we are thrilled to have her in our team.
Jeannine Hüppi

Crew Member

Jeannine also has the command of a cabin crew in the real world, drawing from this management background to make our events an unforgettable experience.